Farmer Autovillage Team Check-in Procedures.

Please follow our new procedures and use the below links daily. This is to ensure we are complying with the guidelines set by the Ministry of Health.
This is an internal page – please do not share this link.

Farmer Team Daily Check-in

Every day before you start work, you must sign in. This is mandatory for the entire team and to help with contact tracing.

Check In

Farmer Autovillage Customers.

You must register all customers who visit our site.
This applies to Sales, Service, Parts and external visitors.

Register a customer

Farmer Autovillage Contractors.

External companies, site contractors  & maintenance please sign in here.
Please select ‘Other’ and enter your company name.

Contractor Sign In

Sending & Receiving Parcels.

For those sending/receiving freight including vehicles, the below must be used for all couriers/truck drivers entering the site.

Complete now

Farmer Team

You must read & accept our Policy & Procedure Document. You won’t be allowed to start back without having done this.

Accept now

Read our Contact Tracing Privacy Policy.

Our customers may request to see this before you check them in.  Click the link below to see the policy.

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